BioDie Dev Log #1

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Happy Halloween everyone!


Since my last blog post on Ds Game Maker, I've been busy with my survival horror Nintendo Ds game BioDie and I'm excited to announce that it has been finished right in time for the holiday.


It feels amazing to finally have completed it after prototyping it back in 2015. Since resuming its development in September of 2020, a lot has been accomplished. Back then it only had basic touch screen aiming and shooting, no UI,  prototype game art and levels, and reloading that was still tied to one of the DS's face buttons.


Now the game has orginal story, artwork, music, animations, different weapons,  cutscenes and so much more! I feel I've grown so much as a developer and designer over the years and can now tackle challenges that I couldn't have before.


It pleases me even more that BioDie won the DS Game Maker Halloween Contest for 2020. The game however had to be scaled back in order to make the contest deadline. Features such as car driving and saving NPCs will have to wait for a future iteration of the game or for when I have an opportunity to port it to another console.


BioDie Gameplay

In case you haven't read my previous post, BioDie is a survival horror top-down shooter that takes place in the future during a biomechanical viral outbreak.


Technology has advanced to the point of using nanobots in medical treatments but goes horribly wrong when the bots begin to fuse with our organic cells and become a virus of their own.


With your partial resistance to the virus, you must cleanse the city of the infected and prove yourself worthy of joining an experimental mercenary program. Only then can you have any hope of being cured as you were one of the virus's earliest victims.


Download the game from the DS Game Maker Fan Website and play it yourself using a DS flash cart or Ds Emulator!